An Inquisiton on Liberation

What does liberation look like?
Will you like how it looks when we’re free?
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Humanizing & Bridging This Moment

I was not originally planning to share about this, but early in June, I was speaking with one of my brothers in the faith, a Black man. He described to me that his six-year-old daughter heard about what happened to George Floyd through a community conversation, and she started asking questions: “What is racism?” “What does it mean?” Then my friend and his wife told their daughter, answering her questions as best they could. And the next day, he asked his daughter, as he did every day, “What was your favorite thing about today?” … Continue Reading

Poem: The Movement

There is a movement in us
us beaten, us broken
us kindred once stolen
There is a movement in us
All starved and choked
In endless woke
There is a movement in us … Continue Reading

Poem: On-Campus Security

 walking in the halls
 no one around and the lights are out
 of the corner of your eye you spot it:
Racism. … Continue Reading

God & Your Vision

I often find myself wanting to pursue a certain goal or set a certain habit for myself. There are many things which I am drawn to and passionate about pursuing. For me, this extends from lofty world-changing goals to simple minutia of daily life. One of my goals for this year is to create and showcase a series of scientific artworks, another is to work out for fifteen minutes every day. Some of my loftier goals are to see the Black graduate student community at MIT … Continue Reading